Jack Russell Training

Jack Russell Training

Owning a dog can be rewarding and all dogs will need training, some breeds of dogs take longer to train than others. Jack Russell's are a breed that do tend to take more training then others and are very intelligent so can begin their Jack Russell training at a very young age. Although this breed of dog is incredibly loyal they can be snappy and aggressive. You will need to ensure that you train them well and this will eliminate any problems you may be having.

You need to remember that your dog is from the terrier family which means it will have certain characteristics. Jack Russell's are very stubborn and do have a temper which if controlled through Jack Russell training won't ever be a problem. If your dog is introduced to children and other pets at a very young age then they will be very good with them but you have to ensure this is one of the first things you do with your dog.

You need to ensure that you only use positive discipline and training with your dog as they respond far better with this form of training. Although you do need to reinforce that you are the boss and that they must obey you, this must be done through a reward system. Every time you're Jack Russell does something good ensure that you reward them so they understand this is the best way to behave. You must also try to not play rough with your Jack Russell as teaching them to fight for toys is not a good way to teach them right from wrong.

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Although your Jack Russell can be a challenge to train it will be very rewarding in the end, if you feel that you cannot cope at home then should enrol in a training course. Seek professional help as soon as you can as often dogs misbehave because they are not trained correctly. With the right Jack Russell training your dog will be a very good pet to have and as they are so intelligent they will pick things up easily. You will very quickly be able to move on to advanced training courses which will benefit everyone.

You need to develop a routine very early on with your Jack Russell as this will help them respond well to discipline in their daily lives. You have to ensure that you control when things happen in their life as this can help with their mood and energy levels. By ensuring that you're Jack Russell has a daily routine you can guarantee they will know when and how to behave. You should ensure that your Jack Russell training is fun as well as informative you should take the time to play with your dog this will not only show that you are one of the pack but also their friend. It will give you the opportunity to bond with your dog and you will become very close. If you are both having fun whilst your dog is learning then they will be more willing to learn in the future.