Jack Russell Tips

Jack Russell TipsMost Jack Russell terriers will have a lifespan of 12 to 13 years with a few living to the ripe old age of 20.  Thus, owners will be able to pick up and pass on plenty of Jack Russell tips for the breed’s proper care, be it for veterinary care, for grooming care or for training purposes.  These tips will prove valuable when dealing with the myriad of problems that will arise with the ownership of a Jack Russell, problems ranging from aggressive behaviour like excessive barking, growling and howling to health issues like diabetes, arthritis and other infections.

Tips on Food

We strongly suggest purchasing the right kind of dog food for your Jack Russell.  Ask the veterinarian or the pet shop owner for recommendations since dog foods are often categorized according to age level, breed and special dietary needs, and specific brands vary from country to country.

It is also possible to choose the right dog food on your own simply by reading the labels on the dog food package.  First of the Jack Russell tips where dog food is concerned is to look at the list of meats, with the general rule being the more types of meat, the better for the dog.  Beware, however, of the word “meal” listed after the name of the meat – say, turkey meal – as it can mean that the dog food is a combination of meat plus other ingredients like hair and bones.  Opt for the all-meat dog food even if it is more expensive.

When feeding your Jack Russell, make sure that the amount is in the right quantities and given at regular intervals of 3-4 meals a day only.  Overfeeding can result in many health problems like bad digestion, lethargy and obesity.

Of course, it is important to give the dog plenty of water.  This way, dehydration especially after strenuous activities will not be a problem, not to mention that it can lead to dry skin and dull coat.

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Tips on Exercise

Jack Russell tips for exercise emphasize one common thing – it must be provided on a daily basis with plenty of socialization opportunities thrown in. Keep in mind that Jack Russells are highly intelligent and active dogs that require plenty of exercise in order to avoid behavioural problems like aggressive biting, barking and growling.

The exercise can include simple walks in the neighbourhood, excursions to the park and playing Frisbee in the backyard.  It is also a good idea to let a Jack Russell engage in agility trials even when the main purpose is to provide physical and mental stimulation, not compete in agility contests.

Tips on Grooming

Depending on the type of coat, the Jack Russell tips in regard to grooming vary.  While short-haired Jack Russells require coat combing at least once a week, a rough-coated dog needs more frequent combing in addition to plucking the excess hairs.  Combing not only keeps the coat shiny but it also keeps the dirt, dust and grime off the skin and, thus, prevent infections.

Bathes should be administered quickly, say, 15 minutes each time, even if it means washing just one part of the dog.  The regularity of the dog baths depend on the activities undertaken although a bath every 1 to 3 months is recommended.  Also, be sure to use dog shampoo as this is especially formulated for dogs only.

Tips on Veterinary Care

Yet another of the most important Jack Russell tips is to provide for regular veterinary check-ups.  These visits are important to ensure that the vaccines are up-to-date, that health problems are diagnosed early on and that appropriate treatments are provided immediately.

Ask the veterinarian about spaying and neutering for their health benefits.  Take note that breeding Jack Russells, even when it is unintentional, is fraught with risks so much so that only professional breeders have the expertise and equipment to successfully do so.

Tips in Training

In addition, of course, let’s not forget the Jack Russell tips on training.  The most important of these tips is to practice consistency, apply positive reinforcement and become the alpha dog in the pack.  No matter the types of training – clicker, leach and obedience – these three principles apply.

Training must begin as early as possible preferably after the puppy arrives home.  It should include toilet training, which will definitely be a boon to your house’s cleanliness.

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With these Jack Russell tips, you now have a better idea of how to take care of your pet.  Search the Internet for more answers to your questions and you will definitely find it.

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