Jack Russell Puppy Care

Jack Russell Puppy CareBefore we discuss the subject of Jack Russell puppy care, we must caution against bringing a puppy less than 8 weeks of age into your home. On one hand, the puppy must have as much interaction with its mother as possible for its normal development.  The loving care of a mother dog for its puppy cannot be equalled even by the best human hands.

On the other hand, a puppy less than 8 weeks old can be very hard to house train, be it through crate or clicker training.  It is best to wait until the Jack Russell puppy has acquired the ability to follow directions, make associations and generally be more sociable toward humans before bringing it home.  Experts even agree that Jack Russell puppies are not appropriate in households with little children because of the latent aggression in this breed.

Things to Purchase before Bringing Home

The first thing to ensure proper Jack Russell puppy care in the home is to purchase the necessary accessories to make the puppy’s introduction into the household as positive as possible.   Ask the dog breeder about the essential things that a Jack Russell puppy may need, which can include the following:

  • Collar – preferably the flat buckle type.  The slip and choke collars can lead to injuries when used improperly.
  • Retractable leash to provide a sense of freedom for the puppy but a great deal of control for its human handler, which is essential in outings to the park as well as for training sessions.
  • Food and water bowls preferably the steel ones since plastic bowls tend to get warped in time and to harbor more bacteria. Of course, food and treats must be added to the pantry albeit in a separate corner of the area.  Be sure to purchase the dog food appropriate for the age and breed of the puppy.  As your pet grows older, the diet will have to be changed to keep up with its nutritional requirements.  A hot water bottle may even come in handy as substitute for the warmth of a mother dog’s body.
  • Dog bed, pillow and blanket to provide the new pet with a comfortable space of his own.
  • Crate is an essential part in Jack Russell puppy care.  Keep in mind that dogs are den animals and, thus, will love the feel of a cozy place that they can call home.  Plus, a crate is also a good tool in house training the puppy.
  • Toys like chew and plush toys are good investments. In this way, the puppy can have an outlet for its natural playfulness and athleticism.

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Well, of course, you should provide a name for the puppy.  Even in the kennel, talking to the puppy by its name will go a long way toward establishing the bond of friendship.

Time to Spend on Exercise and Stimulation

Also, Jack Russell puppy care demands that the owner must have plenty of time to spend with the puppy.  Separation anxiety is an ever-present behavioural problem with a puppy, first, with its mother and, second, with its owner.  If the owner can spend sufficient amounts of time in playing and training with puppy, it will help in the prevention of future behavioural problems especially aggressive actions like excessive barking and growling, unprovoked bites and attacks and even just jumping up on people.

In fact, experts recommend that before taking a Jack Russell puppy home, the calendar must be cleared on the day that the puppy is to be introduced to its new home.  It will take time before the puppy can adjust to its surroundings but your presence can significantly alleviate its anxiety, fear and nervousness.  We even recommend taking the puppy home during the weekend when the members of the household are in the house for proper introductions although we must caution against crowding the puppy.

Veterinary Care

Of course, one of the most important aspects of proper Jack Russell puppy care is the quality of veterinary care provided to it.  We suggest contacting and contracting a veterinarian a few days before actually taking home the puppy.  This way, vaccinations, veterinary check-ups and other health issues can be promptly addressed.

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Naturally, proper Jack Russell puppy care requires a good diet, a good exercise program and a good environment for total development.  Asking about these important matters of the local breeder or the veterinarian will be of significant assistance on ensuring that you puppy grows up to be a healthy adult living up to be 15 in dog years.